Hypnotherapy Overview

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Are You Tired of Being Anxious/Stressed/Depressed? Do You Want To Be Able To Remember Better, Focus Better, Concentrate, & Eliminate Negative Thoughts?

Hypnotherapy is a guided meditation to achieve deeper relaxation, to be able to focus attention, & concentration to achieve a heightened state of awareness, also known as Trance. While in this state, the individual’s only focus is on self and is not aware of the surroundings. However, at any point, we do not lose consciousness while being in the trance but the only purpose is to maintain the focus to target the negative mechanisms in our subconscious. These negative mechanisms play role in causing various psychological conditions such as anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, behaviors, depression and impairment in memories.

Hypnotherapy helps to target traumatic or abusive memories that make it harder for an individual to live a functional life. Grief and pain make it unbearable to go on in life. Hypnotherapy can help process grief, target acute physical & chronic emotional pain, & can aid to restore balance in impaired life.

Role of Brain Waves in Hypnotherapy

  • Beta Waves ~ Awake state of mind. These brainwaves are where the logical thinking, problem-solving, reading, walking, eating, talking, & writing occurs. These brainwaves are between 14 – 40 Hz.
  • Alpha Waves ~ Resting stage. It is a relaxed state which facilitates creativity & visualization. The associated brainwave frequency is between 8 – 12 Hz. These waves act like a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. The more brain is at rest, the more alpha waves it produces.
  • Theta Waves ~  Deeper Relaxation Stage. This is the brainwave where hypnosis/meditation occur as this is the level of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle & is a deeper state of relaxation. We get deeply relaxed, daydream, twilight state, hypnotic trance-like sleep with a frequency of 4 – 8 Hz. In the presence of Theta waves, the conscious mind is turned off. This is the level where with hypnotic suggestibility, we can excess creativity, clarity, intuition, memories, emotions, neuroplasticity (changes in brain’s physiology) happen in this state. It truly means that this is the level where brain recognizes itself and access its weaknesses and modify these weaknesses into strengths with positive suggestibilities that are delivered during hypnotic trance.
  • Delta Waves ~ Deep sleep stage. This uses 0 – 4 Hz frequency & occurs when we sleep. These waves promote healing, improve sleep cycle, strengthen the immune system, regulate heart rate & digestion.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • It allows a person to be more open to positive suggestibility on a deeper level (at the subconscious level which is consists of close to 90% of our mind).
  • Hypnotherapy strongly aids in solving inner conflicts and dissolving inner trauma to transform an individual into a positive and a healthy individual.
  • Our conscious mind only takes about 10% of the brain space whereas our subconscious is established over 90% of our brain. It is conducted by altering conscious perception, memory, & voluntary control of actions.
  • It can help recover repressed memories & emotions that are linked to an individual’s mental health.

Past Life Regression/Subconsciousness Healing

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a technique used in hypnosis to uncover & eliminate negative past memories to assist in personal growth and healing. PLR can aid in viewing the world in a different but positive light. It helps to eliminate fears, anxiety, & traumas. An individual under a guided trance can see, feel, sense the memories from the past. Our unconscious mind store many unwanted memories and negative thoughts that get in the way of personal growth & a happy lifestyle. With hypnotherapy techniques, you can learn to walk past these obstacles and can focus on your strength, motivations, talents, skills, & a new you.

Hypnotherapy is an important process of a healing mind. 


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